10 More French Cooking Terms

1. Croustade
Bread piece dipped in butter and baked until it is crisp
2. Croûtons
Small cubes of bread used as a garnish is salads and soups.
3. Entrecôte
Sirloin steak.
4. Entrée
The term used to refer to something served before the main course but is used now to refer to the actual main course.
5. Escalops
A thin slice of meat that is often pounded out to make it thinner.
6. Flamber or Flambé
To set alcohol on fire
7. Frappé
Something that is iced or set on or in a bed of ice.
8. Fricassé
A stew made from poultry, meat or rabbit that has a white sauce.
9. Hors d'Oeuvres
First course or appetizer
10. Marmite
French word for a covered earthenware container for soup. The soup is both cooked and served in it.

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