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God bless the price of ales

In 1969 the present Prince of Wales was invested with his title. I remember being at my nan's in Lilleshall Street, Newport and seeing that someone had written up on the brickwork "God bless the Prince of Wales". It was there for a few weeks if I remember rightly and then some clever dick came along and modified the slogan so that it said "God bless the price of ales" (or perhaps God bless the price of ale). I was 10 at the time and though it very funny and very cleaver.


Regeneration - an imperfect change


"Finally, for all the positive things we can say about the new birth it is right to remind ourselves that, as Boston notes, it is an imperfect change. Just as a newborn baby is not a mature man, so a newborn Christian has plenty of developing to do. It is important that we do not expect too much. Thomas Watson says, ‘The new creature is but begun here; it is not perfected or drawn in all its orient colours till it comes to heaven.’ Calvin warns, ‘There still remains in a regenerate man a fountain of evil, continually producing irregular desires.’ The fight against sin goes on to the end. We should pray with Wesley, 'Finish, then, Thy new creation; Pure and spotless may we be.' It is not ‘Till in heaven we take our place’ that we will know the perfect restoration found in Christ."

From my book What the Bible teaches about being born again, p 43

In regeneration everything changes


"Unconverted people who are interested in Christianity will sometimes ask what they have to give up to become Christians. Perhaps the best answer to that question is ‘everything’. When you are born again, everything changes. Nothing is ever quite the same again. As the seed grows, its tendrils reach out into every nook and cranny. No part of life is exempt."

From my book What the Bible teaches about being born again, pp 42,43




"We must never think of new birth as something partial. Just as man is totally depraved by nature, meaning that every part is tainted (sin affects every element in man), so, when he is renewed, he is renewed entirely. There is a total renaissance."

From my book What the Bible teaches about being born again, p 40


What is the origin of mind your P's and Q's?

What is the origin of mind your P's and Q's? Various theories have been put forward. Some say that it was a warning to printers apprentices when sorting type, the letters p and q being almost identical in form, others that it was used in inns, the amount owing being chalked on a board in order that customers should not order more than they could pay for when settling day arrived.
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You'll stay like that

Like many a child I enjoyed doing this when I was young. I would often be told that I would stay like it. Some say it will happen if the wind changes. I don't think it's true.


Being inconsistent is okay, as long as you don't do it all the time.