10 ipper words

1. Dipper as in on the Big Dipper
2. Whipper as in whipper snapper
3. Ripper as in Jack the Ripper
4. Nipper as in our nipper likes to tease
5. Flipper as in Flipper the dolphin
6. Tipper as in she's a good tipper or that tipper truck is full
7. Kipper as in that kipper taste nice at breakfast and all too day
8. Quipper as in he's a fast and funny quipper
9. Slipper as in he hit me with his slipper
10. Zipper as in zip that zipper up


10 Moon words

1. Moonshine - originally a slang term for high-proof distilled spirits usually produced illicitly, without government authorisation.
2. Moonstruck - unable to think or act normally, especially as a result of being in love.
3. Mooncalf - a foolish person
4. Moonbeam - a ray of moonlight
5. Moon blindness - a recurrent inflammation of the eye of the horse, also called periodic ophthalmia
6. Moonmilk - a white, creamy substance found inside limestone caves. It is a precipitate from limestone comprising aggregates of fine crystals of varying composition usually made of carbonates such as calcite, aragonite, hydromagnesite and/or monohydrocalcite.
7. Moon knife - a crescent-shaped knife with a handle across the center used in leather finishing
8. Moon letter - an Arabic consonant to which the l of a preceding definite article al is not assimilated in pronunciation
9. Moon buggy - Lunar roving behicle as used in the Apollo mission
10. Mooncake - A rich thick filling usually made from red bean or lotus seed paste surrounded by a thin, (2 or 3 mm) crust. It can contain yolks from salted duck eggs. They are usually eaten in small wedges accompanied by tea.


Having a reputation for being a Christian does not prove regeneration

"You may have a conscience that agrees that you are a Christian. You may have a tender heart, a hatred of sin and a love for God’s Word. These are excellent things but again they cannot prove regeneration. Having a reputation for being a Christian is not the same as being born again. No amount of zeal, persecution or patience under trial can prove anything. Even strong hopes of heaven and willingness to die for Christ are inconclusive. In Matthew 7:22, 23 Jesus speaks these sobering words
Many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles? Then I will tell them plainly, I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!
There is such a thing as a mere form of godliness (2 Tim 3:5)."
From my book What the Bible teaches about being born again, p 120


We must know if we are regenerate

"We are going to be judged one day and as everything hangs on the hinge of new birth we must be absolutely clear about whether we have been born again or not."
From my book What the Bible teaches about being born again, p 117

Regeneration - the knowledge factor

"This fact must not be abused, but out of ignorance a person may live contrary to certain Christian teachings and practices and may appear not to be born again when in fact he is. Of course, if he is genuinely reborn that will show itself when his errors are pointed out.
Far from arguing against religious instruction and faithful teaching prior to conversion, this observation argues rather in its favour. The better instructed people are, the better they will be able to discern their standing before God and benefit from being reborn."
From my book What the Bible teaches about being born again, p 110, 111

Born again - date unknown

"On occasions, I have met people who cannot tell you accurately when they were born. I remember a Vietnamese fellow who was picked up on the streets of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) as an orphaned toddler, and was eventually brought up in the UK. He only knew more or less how old he was. Many abandoned children share the same sort of ignorance. In certain parts of rural Nigeria, it is common not to know the exact day you were born as records are not kept too strictly. In a similar way, many Christians do not know exactly when they were born again. As Archibald Alexander points out, even those who claim that they do know may well be wrong. ... 
A characteristic of regeneration is that it is mysterious and secret so we should not be surprised that it can be difficult to know exactly when it has occurred."
From my book What the Bible teaches about being born again, p 103, 104
NB  There are apparently some 51 million people  wordwide with no birth certificate [63% of them in SubSaharan Africa].

Vɑːz, veɪz or vɔːz

My grandfather would never simply say vase. He was aware of the different pronunciations and so always said vɑːz, veɪz or vɔːz (ie vaas, vaze or vause). My dad would often do it too.
The Century dictionary says
According to the French pron. (väz), and to the time when the word vase appears to have been taken into English (between 1660 and 1700), the reg. E. pron. would be vāz, with a tendency to make it conform to the apparent analogy of base, case, etc. - that is, to pronounce it vās. At the same time, the recency of the word, and its association with art, have tended to encourage the attempts to pronounce it as F., namely väz, in the 18th century absurdly rendered also as vâs, the word being found accordingly in the spelling vause.
If you check this clip on Youtube you will hear Tom Hanks make a referneece tO this about a minute and a half in - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmNmFpJM3qQ

See'd 'em

My grandfather was boorn in Bilston and spent most of his adult life after the Great War working in Lysaght's Steelworks in Newport, South Wales. A tall man with bright blue eyes he was not good at withstanding the heat but thankfully as a checker he was not too near the furnace. My father told me that after he had checked sheets of steal he would mark the top one with chalk - See'd 'em (not quite sure on the spelling, the point is that he had seen them).