Burmese Days Glossary 4

1. Shok de  Untrustworthy  (Burmese)
2. Thugyi  Headman  (Burmese)
3. Ingyi  Long sleeved shirt  (Burmese)
4. Jaldi  Quick, fast  (Indian)  Chapter 23: "To the station, jaldi!"
5. Wallah  (in combination) person in charge of or employed at a particular thing (e.g. book-wallah)    Chapter 23: "grass-wallahs"
6. Min Gyi  Term of respect (Burmese)  Chapter 22: "We have no quarrel with you, min gyi", Burmese man to Mr Macgregor 
7. Puttee  Bandage for a covering for the lower part of the leg from the ankle to the knee  (Indian)  Chapter 22: "Their pagris were gone and their puttees were trailing yards behinds them, but they had no damage worse than bruises."
8. Pagri  Cloth worn wrapped around the head or headdress Chapter 22: "It was the Military Police subahdar, a Rajput, very fat, moustachioed, with his pagri gone.";
9. Subahdar  Indian officer of a company of sepoy
10. Rajput  Highly dominant and renowned royal warrior caste

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