Burmese Days Glossary 3

1. Thakin Master (Burmese). Eg Chapter 9: "She turned a face full of fury and despair towards Flory, screaming over and over, 'Thakin! Thakin! Thakin! Thakin! Thakin!' 
2. Salaam  A very low bow; literally "peace"  (Arabic)
3. Maidan  An open space in or near a town
4. Pariah  Very low caste; outcast
5. Memsahib European woman spoken to or of by Indians
6. Kit-kit  Nagging (Indian) Eg Chapter 9: "But I would sooner serve ten years under Colonel Wimpole sahib than a week under a memsahib with her kit-kit."
7. Tuktoo  Lizard Chapter 4: "A tuktoo clung to the wall, flat and motionless like a heraldic dragon."
8. Paso Burmese item of clothing. Eg  Chapter 25: "There were Burmese officials in blazing Mandalay pasos, and Indians in cloth-of-gold pagris, and British officers in full-dress uniform ..."
9. Durbar  Ceremonial court assembly full of pomp and circumstance 
10. Sowar  Private soldier of the Indian cavalry  (Indian)  

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