Rush goalie

I was thinking recently for some reason of kick abouts as a kid. We used to play three-and-in usually. We would each be "teams". I was usually Chelsea (Peter Bonetti and Peter Osgood). If both Paul Meredith and Cameron McCormack were there (two more different boys it is hard to imagine) they'd both want to be Manchester United. If Cameron got in first (Alec Stepney and George Best) Paul Meredith would insist on being Man United Seconds (Jimmy Rimmer and Bobby Charlton) which really used to annoy me for some reason.
If not three-and-in it would be knock out or, rarely, sides. We were never very many for sides so rush goalie was de rigueur. I also heard it referred to as back 'n' and. I think the two terms betray quite a different idea with regard to tactics. Back 'n' 'and is conservative - you're playing as a back but have the handling option when necessary. Rush goalie on the other hand suggests all out attack and a mad rush back if something goes wrong! Rush was my approach.

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